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We want you to join us as a SOAS ambassador!

At a time when borders are closing around the world, and people are turning their backs on the displaced and dispossessed, at SOAS we are determined to take a stand to support these vulnerable people.

SOAS has announced 7 SOAS Sanctuary Scholarships, to give displaced people who cannot access student finance, a chance to enter higher education in the UK.

SOAS has covered the cost of tuition fees – six for undergraduates and one for postgraduate– to let displaced people begin their studies at SOAS.

SOAS has launched the SOAS Sanctuary Scholarship Appeal to raise money towards living costs for these students. Living costs in London are very high, and these are students who have fled some of the most desperate situations in the world, and who often have nothing, or very little beyond subsistence.

We hope to raise £150,000 over the next two weeks towards the appeal. An anonymous donor has already generously agreed to match the first £20,000 donated, pound for a pound.

However, we need your help to spread the word. We would love for you to join us as an Ambassador for our Sanctuary Scholarships Appeal by reaching out to your social media networks.

You can play your part in helping ensure a generation of deserving students does not miss out on higher education. The time commitment we need is low, but the impact you have will be enormous.

All you will need to do is sign up to our campaign at https://sanctuary.soas.ac.uk. You can register with Email, Facebook or Twitter. The platform allows you to log in and share messages about Sanctuary Scholarships with your social networks, with just a few clicks. You can also track the number of donations and clicks you cause, so you can see the impact you have.

Thank you for your support.